Episode 2: Rescued From Rock Bottom with Katie Bryant

Today we have Katie Bryant on the show! We know you'll leave feeling encouraged by her story with how she went from contemplating suicide, to now having a huge goal to help rescue children from sex trafficking. Katie shares: "I am a mom of three teenagers, married to my  rock and we reside in Charleston, SC.  I am a former interior decorator who became an Accountability coach after being able to transform my own life from the inside out. My purpose, my calling, my passion, this drive just fires up my soul! I am so grateful for my faith because without the Lord I would not be where I am today. My hope is by getting uncomfortable & sharing my story it shows you how no matter what your rock bottom is, God is just waiting for you to grab a hold of His hand. We are all created on purpose for a purpose." You can connect with Katie on Facebook and Instagram at @freshfitkate, on her website and join her mission to raise money to fully fund a rescue mission with the Our Rescue Organization.  (Every penny raised will fund a mission to save babies and children being trafficked into sex slavery. 

Click here for more info and join the mission and fundraiser.

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