Episode 6: Exit the Freeway with Mike + Amy Jo Bazzle

We can't wait for you to hear from our guests on this podcast, Mike and Amy Jo Bazzle. They have been married for 21 years and have 4 kids (all of them in their teens currently). They took a year long trip to follow God's calling that led them to sell their house and travel to 48 states in 52 weeks! They called their adventure "Exit The Freeway" and they share what brought them to that decision, the lessons learned, the experiences they had and where they are now. This is an incredible conversation we can't wait for you to hear. If you've ever thought of doing something and asked yourself "what if?", this is episode will encourage you to say "what if!". Their family motto is "To encourage the saints and entertain the curious" and you'll definitely be entertained, they're an incredible couple! You can connect with Mike and Amy Jo at

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