Meet the Podcast  Hosts  

Hey! We are Dave + Laurie and are we are SO excited to connect with you! Our intention here is to introduce you to some of our favorite people and others we get to meet who are making an incredible impact through their God-given experiences, talents, and life-changing efforts. We hope their stories + actions will cause you to realize you too have influence and can impact the world around you. We hope you feel inspired to make a difference, support others who are, and maybe even start your own "difference maker project". Chances are, you're already making a difference and may not even realize how big of an impact you have. If you're a mom, dad, spouse, sibling, friend, or co-worker... you have influence and make a difference!

We invite you to listen to our Podcast and join us in some real, unscripted conversation with friends. 

Thanks for being here!

Dave + Laurie