Uplifted Youth

You are a  

Difference Maker + a World Changer.

Difference Maker 
|dif•fer•ence-mak•er| (noun)

: a passionate person who has a desire to live a life that matters,
: one who encourages others and brings about change, 
: someone who uses their God-given strengths, abilities and passions to lead + influence others,
: a person who stewards their time, talents and treasures well to leave a lasting impact + legacy
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You see that the world around you can be DIFFERENT, BETTER.

: make an impact, whether it's a big movement or small gesture.
unleash hope and create change
: help create a better future for your family, for your community or the world at large
: use your passions, gifts, time, treasures to leave a legacy.
live out your passion. Fight for those who can't. Support important causes.
: make a difference, but don’t know where to start.

This is where the Difference Maker Project can help. Find out how you want to make a difference and be a world changer. We are here to equip + encourage you as you discover how to make a unique impact.

 Use your time, talents or treasure to make a difference right where God has you. 

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