A strategist + coach, helping people develop their leadership, live with purpose + make a difference in the world around them.

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You are a  

Difference Maker + a World Changer.

Difference Maker 
|dif•fer•ence-mak•er| (noun)

: a dedicated person who has an impact,
: one who encourages others and brings about change, 
: someone who uses their God-given strengths, abilities and passions to lead + influence others,
: a person who stewards their time, talents and treasures well to leave a lasting impact + legacy

You have what it takes, you just need guidance + a plan.

Have you ever asked yourself: “Is this it?” 

You feel like you’re going in circles, spinning your wheels and not making any progress in your work or personal life.

You know you want to make a difference, but don’t know where to start.

You want to use your passions, gifts, time, treasures to leave a legacy.

You’re frustrated because you believe you were meant for more but lack a plan on what to do.

This is where the Difference Maker Project can help. You'll get guidance and mentorship as we navigate step-by-step through your unique plan, we like to call your "project". There are so many ways to make a difference. Each person is unique, each "project" is different, so the plan will be too.

We are here to equip + encourage you as you discover how to make a unique impact.

 Use your strengths + story to make a difference where God has given you influence. 

Be equipped to make an impact + a difference.


Laurie Re

Leadership + Strategic Business Coach

I get how frustrating it feels to want to be purposeful and make a difference, but not know where to start.

About 5 years ago, I was in the top 1% of my sales company making a great income, I had an incredible team, and earned extravagant trips. To the outside world I looked "successful", but I felt empty. 

Is this it? I often wondered. I didn’t feel inspired or passionate anymore. Every day felt like the same as the day before and I questioned what I should be doing. Can I make an impact? How? 

This was the start of a journey to better understand myself and live more inline with who God created me to be. It was a tough season, but one I'm so thankful for now! I needed to go through that time to be better equipped to help others who find themselves in a similar place, feeling like there's more they want to be doing. And that is where my true passion lies...to help people live a life that is purposefully driven!

Is there something you dream of pursuing?  

You have the interests and skills you do for a reason. They're meant to be learned, strengthened and used. Imagine waking up everyday with intention. Your family is strong. You're making progress and have momentum at work. Your marriage is solid. You’re taking care of your health, physically and emotionally. You are leader inside and outside of your home and making a difference in the lives around you. Don't just imagine it.

Begin your Difference Maker Project and get coached to elevate your leadership and expand your influence. Everyone needs a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them. That's what coaching gives you.

See if coaching is right for you

Have someone in your corner.


— AnnaLisa

"She helps you identify your desires and goals and provides guidance (or a plan) to reach them. For me personally, that is the part that is so hard to do that you do so well. You organize our thoughts, dreams, ideas. It’s like a Blueprint to get where we want and then walks us through from A-Z.

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