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I’m Laurie and I’d love to be chatting with you over coffee, listening to your story and hearing about your dreams. As a Leadership Coach, I work with entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers. By using proven strategies and practices I identify, inspire and guide the necessary change that creates a lasting difference in people's personal and professional lives. I am a total introvert, type A personality which means I like organization, systems, and time alone to recharge—boy do I sound like a bag of fun, HAHA! My faith in Jesus is the cornerstone to how I live, I am a self proclaimed dark chocolate connoisseur, I love coffee and will always have a sweatshirt or cozy blanket near by. I'm obsessed with all personality tests and love using them to better understand others and helping coach them to better understand themselves. (I’m an INFJ, CS, Enneagram 3w4). But seriously, I love helping people really understand who God created them to be and live that out with excitement. I have had some incredible mentors in my life and I love having the opportunity to be one to others. I can't wait to connect with you and hear your story and the lives that you make a difference in!  

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my family!

These are my people! A house full of boys, and I wouldn't change a thing. They're the driving force behind my motivation and drive to consistently be growing. I want to be an example to my kids to go after what God is calling them to and make an impact in the world. 


Meet my family (from left to right): our oldest son is Collin is our household comedian, has endless energy and the heart the size of Texas. Ryan is our artistic, animal lover. He gives the BEST hugs and is always creating things. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Charlie (yes, he's a puppy, a very large one). Then there's my handsome hubby, Dave,

Dave is my biggest support and the co-host of the Difference Maker Project Podcast. He's an outgoing, Engineer who's never met a stranger, just people he wasn't friends with yet. I call him "the Mayor" because he's always chatting with people. We're high school sweethearts and have been together almost 21 years! We've worked alongside each other in business previously and loved it and saw how our opposite personalities and strengths work very well together.


We've been through many different seasons of our marriage. We are grateful we had people who made a difference in our life, so we can now do the same for others.  In addition to the Difference Makers Project, together we mentor couples in marriage at risemarriage.org.


Maybe you've weathered some storms too or maybe you're in a season of feeling "stuck". You know change needs to be made, but not sure how. Or maybe you have a dream in your heart for something and aren't quite sure on how to get going. Wherever you find yourself wanting/needing to make a change, we're here for you! We believe everyone was created on purpose + for a purpose, and part of that is to make a difference. Welcome to the Difference Maker Project! We're glad you're here. 

My Experience

When you're looking to learn, listen or work with someone you'll want to know why you should listen to them. I always ask "Have they been through what I have?", "Can they help me?". If you're asking the same thing...yes, I've been there and I can help. Here's a few things I've done to have the experience and training to coach and mentor you: 

  • I am a certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team

  • I am a certified Professional Sales and Leadership Coach with Southwestern Consulting, working with sales teams, executives and leaders to elevate their performance.  If you'd like a complimentary Results Workshop for your team, reach out to request a date.

  • I was in the top 1% of a sales company with over 30,000 sales reps and led a team of over 200 people.

  • I am a certified Marriage mentor and Prepare Enrich facilitator. 

  • And, I'm a mom...that may not seem like "experience", but sometimes leading the people you live with is the toughest. (Can I get an Amen?!) 


Next Steps